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Sofa Buying Guide

February 11, 2020

The Design Vintage Sofa Buying Guide

Sofas are key to the look of any living space. They are often the biggest piece of furniture in your room. Sometimes they come with a sizeable prize tag too. So, it pays to get it right (first time) when sofa shopping…

How will you use your sofa?

Will you perch (cocktail in hand), loll (at the end of another long day), or curl up (for a boxset binge)? Will your four-legged friends hop up for cuddles, do your children hear the word ‘sofa’ and think ‘trampoline’? Knowing how you will ‘sofa’ (it isn’t a verb, but it really should be!) means you can buy what you really need and resist the lure of ‘magazine life’ sofas. You know the ones, they look a-mazing(!) in the pages of an interiors magazine, but they will not survive real life.  In a real house.  Luckily, whatever you want from your sofa, there is a sofa for you.

Choosing the best sofa style for you

Classic and traditional, big and squishy, sleek and stylish, modern and modular…

Sofas are like people, they really do come in all shapes, sizes and styles. Which means you can choose a sofa to suit your personality – and the character of your home.

  • Classic good looks will never date. Think elegant high backs, and deep, comfy seats. A Chesterfield-inspired, diamond tufted style looks as good today as it did in the 18th century – and will still look great in years (or even, decades!) to come. If you do want to freshen up a traditional style, simply switch up the scatter cushions.
  • Soft, squishy sofas just scream ‘sink into me’. With rounded arms and cushions plump with feathers, squishy sofas are the furniture equivalent of a hug.
  • You can bring the outside in with a natural rattan, bamboo and woven water hyacinth styles. Natural style is totally on trend this year! Take our Ella Bamboo Sofa to the next level with our Daybed version perfect for guests.
  • If you want super versatile seating, then go modular.  All of our Linen and Velvet Sofa Collection can be produced in a modular format to any size requirement you may have and better still, there is no ‘bespoke’ extra charge for this.

When choosing a sofa style, remember that some styles – and colours – may date. Is it super fashionable right now? Yes, then it might be off trend by next year.  You can protect your sofa investment by opting for a timeless classic, with modern details like iron legs or vivid jewel-like velvet covers. The Design Vintage range of Velvet Sofas pairs timeless Scandinavian design from Tine K Home with loose, removable covers in sumptuous shades.

How do I know what size sofa to buy?

Three words. The 50cm rule!

When we look at the space between furniture in a room, anything less than 50cm looks too small to the human eye. We instantly think it is too narrow for us to easily walk through. So, even the most gorgeous sofa will look pinched if it sits too close to surrounding furniture.  It’s natural that we want the biggest sofa we can, all the better for snuggling up. But, for the best-looking room, balance sofa size with the available space.  If in doubt, mark it out. Create a fake sofa footprint with newspaper on the floor, stack cardboard boxes or wooden chairs to show height. It doesn’t matter what you use, as long as it gives you a clear idea of how your sofa will inhabit the space.

And when planning your sofa size, don’t forget to factor in somewhere to put your coffee/wine(?)/book! Our new Set of Rattan Side Tables are a smart choice. The smaller table slides neatly under its bigger sibling for storage. Their natural woven rattan tray tops are bang on trend too!

Choosing sofa fabric and finish

‘Stroke-ability’ is high on most people’s sofa shopping list. Which means you need to see – and touch – the fabric before you invest in a new sofa.

Leather sofas and chairs add instant warmth to any design scheme. Have you seen our Elegant Leather Sofa? Its worn patina is aged by hand and will get better the more you live on it – and love it.

Many of our sofa ranges are on display in our stores. So, you can see them, touch them, sit in them – and stroke them! – before you buy. We also offer fabric samples. Contact us to find out more.

Whichever sofa you fall for, have you considered removable (and washable!) covers? The 100% cotton ICA covers in both our Curve Linen and Straight Linen Sofa Collection, which come in white, grey, phantom and walnut, are all machine washable. Which makes them not only pet-and child-proof – but also life-proof in general! Yes it really is possible to have a pure white sofa even if you have an active household!

Curve Linen Sofa CollectionHow to choose a sofa for a small space

Yes, it is possible to find a super comfy sofa even for a little room. And it doesn’t need to be child-sized either. Slim or tapered legs that show space between the sofa base and the floor are an interior design trick to make a small room look bigger. Our Soft Grey Velvet Sofa has supermodel-long legs, made from black ash wood. Sofas with a low back make walls look higher, which makes the room feel larger in general. You can up the comfort factor with extra cushions. Or you could go for a backless day bed like our Dusty Rose Velvet Daybed. Scatter with cushions, curl up and relax… These daybeds, which come in 6 velvet colours, are naptastic. You have been warned!

Want to more about our sofa ranges? We would love to help – Contact us here.

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