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Elevate Your Scandinavian Table

July 3, 2023
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Scandinavian interiors are renowned for their minimalist elegance, clean lines, and focus on natural materials. When it comes to styling your table, choosing the right tableware is essential to create a harmonious and inviting atmosphere that complements the Nordic aesthetic. One of the best things about this style is it’s effortless simplicity. Choose handmade pieces with clean lines and minimalist designs to achieve that coveted look. We’ve been adding to our online collection of tableware and in this blog post, we explore how you can use these exquisite pieces to elevate your Scandinavian table setting and create a memorable dining experience.

Rustic Dining

Embrace Organic Materials:

Scandi design celebrates the beauty of nature, and incorporating organic materials into your tableware is key.  Consider handcrafted ceramics, wooden bowls, and glassware that showcase the raw beauty of natural materials.  Opt for earthy tones like muted greys, soft whites, and neutral beige to maintain the Nordic colour palette.

Focus on simplicity:

The beauty of Scandinavian interiors lies in their simplicity.  Choose tableware with clean lines and minimalist designs – elegant plates, bowls, and serving dishes with subtle detailing that adds a touch of sophistication without overwhelming the overall aesthetic.  Remember, less is more.

Mix and match textures:

Scandinavian design embraces texture to create visual interest. Experiment with different textures by combining matte ceramics with smooth glassware or pairing rough-hewn wooden bowls with delicate porcelain plates.  A diverse assortment of tableware allows you to play with textures and create a visually captivating table setting.

Incorporate natural elements:

To evoke the serene beauty of Scandinavian landscapes, bring in natural elements to your table.  Include wooden serving boards, woven placemats, and linen napkins. These elements add warmth and authenticity to your table, connecting you to nature while enjoying your food.  We love to add a couple of simple branches or stems of greenery to enhance the effect.

Add pops of colour:

While Scandinavian design tends to favour a neutral colour palette, adding pops of colour can inject vibrancy and personality into your table setting.  Moroccan inspired artisan pieces with delicate hand-painted patterns or subtle splashes of colour add a great sense of character.  Choose a few statement pieces, such as handcrafted ceramic bowls or glazed serveware, to create focal points on your table.

Above all have some fun with your table settings – create a dining experience that beautifully combines simplicity, natural elements, and a touch of elegance. Embrace organic materials, focus on simplicity, experiment with textures, incorporate natural elements, and add pops of colour to infuse your table with character and charm. Hopefully we’ve helped to inspire you to provide the perfect backdrop to host memorable meals and gatherings with the perfect blend of Scandinavian charm and artisanal craftsmanship!

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