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    Choosing The Right Cushions

    April 3, 2024

    Your living room or bedroom often isn’t complete without the addition of cushions.  Choosing and styling this important accessory in the right way will add a polished and well thought out quality to your interiors.


    There isn’t a set rule on how to arrange cushions, but the 2-1-2 arrangement is a popular way of adding dimension to your sofa.  That’s a couple of big square cushions in the corners, with a slightly smaller cushion next to them and a 5th cushion placed in the middle.  Arranging your cushions like this will automatically make it feel more thought out.

    Quantity can also make a big difference to the overall look and feel of your bed or sofa.  Too little and you risk the sofa looking uncomfortable and less welcoming. Too many can have the opposite effect by making your sofa feel squashed and the overall space look cluttered.

    Make It Seasonal

    Switching up cushions throughout the year is a great way of refreshing your space for the new season without breaking the bank.  Create a fresh and airy atmosphere in the summer months with lighter colours such as neutrals and whites along with fabrics like cotton or linen that feel cool and breathable.  In the colder months opt for richer tones like earthy browns and greens paired with wool or velvet that will provide comfort and warmth.  Perfect for snuggling in to as the weather cools.

    Shape and Size

    Shape and size can contribute differently to the look and feel of your bed or sofa.  Too small and your cushions will get lost, too big and it can look bulky and cluttered.  There’s also the comfort level to get right.  Cushions that aren’t the right size can be awkward to sit on or arrange decoratively.  Bolster cushions are a great addition to your bed as both a decorative and comfort element, like our Taupe Stripe Bolster Cushion.

    When it comes to choosing the right size cushion pad, we’ve got you covered.  All of our cushions come pre-filled with the right size for your cover!

    Texture and Pattern

    Pattern and texture can add different layers to a room and help create the overall aesthetic you’re after.  If your space already has a lot of patterns, consider subtle texture like our White Gauze Cushion or Mero Leaf Cushion.  Add a bold pattern to a neutral backdrop to add visual interest, or consider mixing patterns that compliment each other.

    Whether you lean towards pattern or texture, large comfort cushions or smaller decorative ones, getting it right will add the perfect finishing touch to your home.

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