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    Spotlight on: Bamboo

    May 18, 2024

    Bamboo. Versatile, sustainable, durable. What’s not to love?

    Bamboo furniture has long been a firm favourite of ours.  With its rapid growth and minimal environmental impact, it’s a great alternative to those slower growing, resource demanding hardwoods.  But it’s appeal goes beyond sustainability as bamboo effortlessly enhances any space with its distinctive look and warm, earthy tones.

    The Collection

    Our Bamboo Collection is created by our lovely partners at Tine K Home in Denmark, where bamboo has been a core part of their collection from the very beginning of their story 18 years ago. Handcrafted in Vietnam in family owned workshops, these beautiful Bamboo pieces are now found in iconic hotels, villas and landmark restaurants all around the world.

    From modular sofas to daybeds, armchairs and tables, this versatile collection caters to any outdoor space.  The Daybed is definitely at the top of our wish list! Choose between four colour options for the cotton canvas cushion, and a right or left hand sided configuration.

    At Home with Lisa

    Our Founder Lisa chose the Bamboo Collection to furnish the beautiful outdoor space in her newly renovated Georgian home.  Our Round Bamboo Coffee Table, Wide Lounge Chair and Ella Sofa all feature in this gorgeous garden.


    Although durable, Bamboo, like any other natural material, requires care to stay beautiful and last.  Even though your furniture will be treated with Woca® water-based natural exterior wood oils, mould may occur due to our infamous UK weather conditions and it may be necessary to pressure wash your furniture once each season.  This is by far the easiest way to remove any black spots or marks.  Alternatively, hand wash with a mild detergent and a sponge. (Tip – We use Flash with Bleach on our pieces in the cafe).  After a full seasonal clean, and when the furniture is all dry, we recommend that you reapply Woca ® water based natural exterior wood oil.

    Beautifully simplistic, Bamboo furniture are pieces you can have forever and with the good weather upon us, we’re now eyeing up our favourite pieces.  Delivery takes around 2-3 weeks for this range and stock is always limited so we recommend placing orders as soon as possible for the Summer season.

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