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Setting Up The Perfect Guest Bedroom

July 2, 2024

Whether you have a dedicated guest room or you’re transforming a multifunctional space, setting up a guest bedroom requires thoughtful planning and attention to detail.  Here are our top tips on creating a cosy retreat that will have your guests feeling like they’re staying at a hotel (minus the room service).

Create a Comfortable Bed

The centrepiece of any guest bedroom is of course the bed.  Opt for a high quality mattress that offers support and comfort for a restful nights sleep.  Your choice of bed linen goes a long way in determining the feel and atmosphere of the space.  Think soft pillows, crisp linens and a cosy throw like our Deco Black Cotton Throw for those cooler nights.  Your guests won’t be able to resist sinking in to this set up.

Provide Ample Storage

While your guests may only be staying for a short time, providing them with ample storage space allows them to get the most out of the space by avoiding clutter.  Invest in a wardrobe or chest of drawers where guests can hang their clothes and store their personal items.  Consider including hangers, extra blankets and space for bags or suitcases.  It’s all in the details!

Add Thoughtful Touches

It’s the little details that will make your guests feel welcome.  Small touches like a bedside lamp for late night reading, a small tray with water and glasses, a selection of books and magazines and a vase of fresh flowers will all help to make the room feel like home away from home.

Create a Relaxing Atmosphere

Think calm colours, soft textures and cosy rugs.  Lighting also plays a big part in setting the mood.  Avoid using harsh overhead lighting and instead opt for soft, diffused lighting sources like table lamps, floor lamps or wall lights.  Add a candle or diffuser from our Meraki range to the bedside table for that finishing touch.

With a little bit of love and attention to detail, your guest bedroom will become a space that your guests won’t want to leave.

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