Summer Sounds

June 24, 2024

Our DV Summer playlist came on in the office today and we were collectively transported back to sunnier days and specific moments in our lives.

Despite the office on Monday afternoon being a far cry from any kind of idyllic scene,  we could suddenly hear the waves, smell the sun cream and see the experiences we’d each had while listening to these songs under the sun.  Prompting the question, how could we live without music?!

In an effort to give this year’s summer the helping hand it needs, we’ve linked some of our favourite summer sounds here for you.  Whether you’re sunbathing on the beach, hosting a garden party or you’re lucky enough to have escaped the British weather for somewhere warm, we’ve got you covered.  If anything can get you into the summer spirit, music will.

Summer Sounds

We often find that music has an effect on us.  Most of our core memories are linked to a song or playlist, sometimes entirely without realising until you stumble across the same sound a few years later.

We all agreed that whatever we’re doing, whether it’s making dinner, driving or spending time with friends, music is usually playing in the background, a soundtrack for our thoughts, feelings and experiences of that day.  These playlists have been on repeat in the office in a desperate bid to capture some summer joy since the June weather hasn’t been cooperating up until now.

Summer Sounds

Multiple playlists, albums and mixes have combined over the years, creating a varied (and slightly eclectic) soundtrack of our lives.  Between the team here at Design Vintage, we have songs that take us back to the first few months of a relationship, entire albums that remind us of favourite holidays, and even playlists that bring back specific memories we’d forgotten all about.

Summer Sounds

For us, if there’s any season that deserves a soundtrack, it is Summer.  There’s truly no greater partnership than a sunny summer’s day and a fantastic playlist.

Summer Sounds

Enjoy! x

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