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The Trend Watch: Limewash Paint

June 21, 2024

Although trendy, limewash paint isn’t new. Dating back thousands of years, it originated as a traditional method for painting and protecting buildings, particularly in Roman and Mediterranean regions. Now it’s known for its chalky texture and the romantic, old-world feel it can bring to a space.


The paint’s soft, mottled effect and natural variation in colour means that each application of limewash has its own unique character. Whether you’re a seasoned painter or a weekend DIY enthusiast, don’t worry – limewash is forgiving! Apply in multiple thin layers using a criss-cross brush stroke approach to build up depth and texture. Luckily for us, the imperfect look is what it’s all about, so any mistakes look intentional.  We love the calming tones of ‘Wheat’ by Bauwerk.

Limewash Paint

Variety in Colour

Of course it is the multitude of lovely neutrals that have us hooked. Soft whites and creams have us dreaming of sunnier climes and Mediterranean villas. But while neutrals are our go-to, modern limewash can be tinted to almost any colour.  Think deep greens for a calming bedroom retreat, or earthy terracotta for a warm and inviting living space. This tranquil space has opted for ‘House’ by Bauwerk, a grey green with Wabi Sabi influences.

Limewash Paint

All the Natural Goodness

It’s not just a pretty face.  There are also natural benefits to limewash. Made from clay, minerals and natural pigments, it’s non-toxic and has minimal environmental impact during production. It’s also breathable and durable, making it both an aesthetic and practical choice.  There are even rumours of sleep improvement if you’ve chosen limewash for your bedroom.  The hypoallergenic qualities means that as you sleep it’s working away on cleaning the air in your room.

Limewash Paint

Our Founder Lisa opted for natural clay plaster in her bedroom.  If you’re looking for alternative choices to limewash, clay plaster is natural and completely free of toxins, with much the same health benefits as limewash.  It also doesn’t need to be painted, an added bonus if you’re short on time!  The lovely rustic finish can be seen below.

Limewash paint has been on the rise for years, with interior designers opting for this paint choice everywhere. With the timeless feel and rustic charm, we think it is most definitely here to stay.

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