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Turn your bedroom into a sanctuary

March 4, 2020
Design Vintage Bedroom Bliss

Yes, it is possible.  You just need a plan.  Which is where we come in because we’re good like that…

When you walk through your bedroom door, does it feel like crossing the threshold into a retreat from the world, where you can relax and recharge ready to emerge fresh to face another day in the morning?  Or do you sigh deeply faced with a bedside table so full there’s no space for even the smallest glass of water, and a pile of clean laundry that seems to be reaching for the ceiling?  As our bedrooms are a private space in our house, they are often neglected.  Clutter piles up, stuff gets stashed from other rooms when people pop round and before you know it your bedroom is the last place you want to relax.

There is good news! In a few easy steps – and just one weekend – you can transform your bedroom from soul-sapping source of stress to a calming, soothing space you will actually want to spend time in.

Is your bed a sanctuary?

You know that delicious feeling of sinking into a hotel bed and feeling instantly hugged by the sheer yummy softness of it all?  It goes without saying (yet, for the purposes of this we need to say it anyway!) that your bed is the biggest element in any bedroom.  After all, without a ‘bed’, it’s just a ‘room’.  Beds need to be anchored, by which we mean they look best when they are set against a wall with their top and bottom ‘secured’ in the space.  It may seem an obvious point to make but headboards work the best for this, and there is a headboard style for every interior scheme. Go dark and moody with our Phantom Velvet Headboard (or opt for our grey version below). Bang on trend here with the walnut colours seen in our main pic.  Or light and airy with our Boho Rattan Headboard.

Have you got space for a chest or bench at the foot of the bed?  It is the finishing touch to properly anchor a bed.  Our Vintage Elm Benches bring the calming colours of natural wood into your bedroom without taking up much space.  Another gorgeous option if you have space is a lounging day bed (pic below) at the foot of the bed – just don’t let anyone throw clothes on it!!

Let your bed breathe by clearing the space underneath.  Underbed storage can be practical but, if it’s the first thing you see when you walk through the door, it doesn’t softly whisper ‘sanctuary’.  It screams ‘too much stuff’.  Do you love your bed linen? We mean really love it? No? Then use it for your spare room or donate it to charity and invest in great cotton or linen. Natural fibres will keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.  We are huge fans of linen bedding because let’s face it life is just too short for ironing duvet covers!

This is the bed’s blank canvas sorted, now comes the fun bit – dressing it! For an instant heavenly touch try pure white like our Oulu White Throw  and Oulu White Cushions. Or add a splash of colour with our Sea Green Wool Throw.  Layering up with linen scatter cushions is a great way to refresh your scheme and add instant hotel glamour! The colours around this season are so natural and calming they are just perfect for the bedroom.

Cool ways to clear your clutter

Clutter is not relaxing.  Clearing clutter is rarely fun, although sometimes it can be satisfying.  But, a clutter-free room – now that is a thing of joy!  And without wanting to go full Marie Kondo, you want your bedroom to ‘spark joy’.  Let’s start with your bedside tables because this is where bedroom clutter creep often starts. Things that come out of your pockets as you undress at the end of the day, that stack of books you are (slowly) reading your way through, electrical devices and the chargers those supposedly smart things cannot make it through the night without.

What do you actually need on your bedside table? A glass of water? A lamp? A book to read yourself to sleep and something to wake you up? Maybe a framed photo (or four?) of the people/pets you love?

If you need space for anything else, then a bedside cabinet with a door you can close on your clutter is the answer. Our Set of Black Webbing Bedsides have an internal shelf which maximises the space inside.  For a more minimalist, natural look, have you seen our Rattan Side Table and Palma Side Table? If space is at a premium opt for a floating bedside table like our Steel Bedside Tables.

Now, where to put the clutter? (Because sometimes it really is stuff you need). Storage can be practical and stylish, and there is a storage option to suit every style. We have Tall Cotton Baskets, Black Woven Drum Baskets, Jute Marcel Baskets, and if you like nautical stripes our Set of Straw Base Baskets will float your boat (Sorry, some puns prove irresistible!). Pop over to see all our storage options here.

The right lighting for your bedroom

 Nowhere is task lighting more important than in a bedroom. How much light do you want when you are getting ready for a night out? Don’t say ‘candlelight’! You might actually want to see what you are putting on outfit-wise. And as for applying eyeliner…well, the right light can definitely help with that. You also need enough light to read, but not so much that you feel more awake than ever.

Start your lighting scheme with a statement ceiling light (or lights). If you have a high ceiling, you can go for a particularly dramatic drop light like our Wooden Beaded Boho Pendant. If not, choose a style with a cord that can be adjusted to the length you need, like our Bamboo Ceiling Lamps.

Spotlights in the wall above your bed are a smart choice if you want to free up space on your bedside table. They can also be directed to shine right on your book. Spotlights come in lots of different styles. Our Brass Spotlights comes in two finishes, Black and Brass and Antique Brass.  Alternatively, angled wall lights mounted above your bedside tables are an attractive option.

Lift the light with a leaning mirror

If your bedroom is on the small side, or has limited outside light, then a mirror is a must. The bigger, the better! By bouncing the light and reflecting the room, mirrors will make your bedroom seem more spacious, which will make it feel more like a sanctuary.  And don’t worry about the hassle of wall hanging, it’s much more stylish to simply rest your mirror against the wall. Looking for an industrial-chic look?  Our Large Iron Mirror has a cool New York loft meets Parisian atelier vibe. Our Large Recycled Wood Mirror, new this season, is a timeless design that will never date.

Why symmetry is relaxing

Nature is often symmetrical. Think about butterfly wings, petals or a honeycomb.  Our eyes appreciate symmetry and our brains find it relaxing.  So, if we use symmetry at home it will register in our brain as an organised interior.  And we are instantly more relaxed when we sense order in the space around us.  A pair of pictures above a headboard works well.  Have you seen our collection of Art Prints?

Bedroom symmetry does not have to mean matching bedside tables. You can still achieve a pleasing symmetry with similar styles, colours and sizes. Size does matter when it comes to bedside tables.  Most advice suggests you buy tables that are the same height as the top of your mattress, but it can be easier to buy bedside tables or storage shelving that sits slightly higher. That way it is easier to reach over for books, reading glasses (you too?) or your night-time drink.  It also makes it less likely that you will swipe over said drink during a dramatic dream session.  No one likes a soggy pillow!

How to make your bedroom smell great

Room diffusers are safer than candles for bedrooms. There’s no need to worry about nodding off with a lit flame still flickering. The added bonus is that they smell amazing around the clock.  How does your perfect bedroom smell? Like a sexy boudoir? Then our Noir Natural Room Diffuser is the ideal choice. Or would you like a crisp, fresh fragrance like our Clean Natural Room Diffuser? For an entirely natural feel head for the Organic range by Meraki.

Whatever your bedroom style, we have what you need to turn it into a sanctuary. If you need more information about any of these products, please get in touch. We  absolutely love to hear from our customers.


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